Why isn’t our website converting?

July 14, 2020

Your website isn’t converting? Here are a few tips to help you increase your website leads! 📨

1) Value Proposition

You need to ensure that your value proposition is visible throughout your website. Clearly outline what makes your product or service better than your competition.

2) Social Proof 💬

So you’ve made your value proposition clearly visible…

You now want to show your audience what other people think of your products or services. You’ll need a good mix of written and video based testimonials and case studies.

3) The Hook 🎣

You need to give your audience something valuable in return for their data. This could be a downloadable ‘how-to’ PDF guide or a sample pack of your product.

People are more likely to give you their details if they feel like you are giving them good value for free.

4) Mobile, Mobile, Mobile! 📱

Does your website work well on mobile? If not, you should consider making this a priority. I would confidently guess that the majority of your website traffic comes from a mobile device.

As always, if you need any advice just drop me a message!

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