Stop wasting money on Google Ads

July 14, 2020

Before I get started, I just want to point out that ads can be hugely beneficial and a significant part of your marketing success. 📈

So…I was given access to a Google Ads account last night, an account where the client has been spending hundreds of pounds 💷 each month.

Within 5 minutes of logging in I could see that they were wasting every penny 😫 the account was setup in such a bad way that I was unable to sleep last night.

I will be restructuring the entire account but the benefits will be there for the client to see, almost instantly. 📊

If you are running ads, please, please, please ensure you’ve set them up correctly, it will save you so much money.

If you are running ads and you’re not sure they are working, speak with an expert, let them help you. I promise that you’ll make more money by hiring someone that knows what they are doing. 💪🏼

Also, not all ‘experts’ are experts💩

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