Instagram attempts to ‘Reel’ in the TikTok fanbase

August 6, 2020

instagram reels
Instagram challenges TikTok with ‘Reels’

One of the biggest breakthrough social media platforms to surge since Vine back in 2015, TikTok has grown rapidly since its initial release. Now with over 800 million active users, Instagram has launched ‘Instagram Reels’ to compete with the video-sharing social networking service. Reels allows you to record and edit 15 second video clips with audio, effects and other creative tools.

Create your Reels

  • Audio: Use songs from the Instagram music library as well as the ability to use your own original music content which is attributed to you. Other content creators can also use your original audio by selecting ‘Use Audio’ from your Reel.
  • AR Effects: Select from various augmented reality effects to improve your Reels straight from Instagram and other creators.
  • Hands Free Recording: With the timer and countdown feature there is no need to hold your phone while recording your content.
  • Alignment: Made sure all your clips, texts and effects are aligned perfectly when editing your content. Create seamless transitions between your edited clips.
  • Speed: Slow down or speed up your video and audio clips to help create the best content for your viewers.
  • Throwback Content: Use previously recorded video to edit and publish through Instagram Reels.
editing instagram reels
Create Instagram Reels from existing or newly recorded clips

Explore Reels Today

Watch Reels from all over the world in ‘Explore’! Showcased Reels will be customised for you to like, comment and share with your friends. View the best trending culture on Instagram. If your Reel is featured then you will receive a notification from Instagram.

watch instagram reels in explore
Watch featured Reels in ‘Explore’

Will Instagram Reels be able to compete with TikTok?

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